Bitumen Sealing


Cranes Asphalting & Bitumen Sealing offers a wide range of sealing options to suit large major contract works, through to driveways, reseals and car park sealing.

Cranes Asphalting & Bitumen Sealing not only  provide their sealing services to major contractors such as Vic Roads and East Gippsland Shire council and other large local contractors as well as national contractors, but also provide out expertise to small residential driveways with the same care, skill and professionalism provided to large contractors and Government departments.

There are a number of different sealing options available, these include; Bitumen Sealing which involves spraying of hot bitumen onto a prepared road surface and then spreading of aggregate over the initial sprayed bitumen and then rolled in to create good adhesion and long gevity. There are a range of different bitumen products available for different purposes and situations. Cranes uses a A grade sealing aggregate for all its works unless special requirement are asked of them to use a different product this is due to the strength of the source rock giving the road the longest life span before resealing is required and also provided the best results for the client.